This project started off as a blog for a local title, Tottenham and Wood Green Independent. It was to seek out new trends and groups in Haringey. The blog developed into an ongoing project focused on personal stories and changes in the area. Three venues in Tottenham exhibited a selection of images from this project.



Places in Paris

Places in Paris was inspired by experiences of living in the city at the start of 2017. The project explored ‘Writing in the City’ as part of a masters degree in The Contemporary. This is a glimpse of the people in some of the lesser known areas of Paris – a patchwork of short stories, prose and poetry.



The Library Space

This project was part of a creative residency. It was an exploration of Stroud Green Library and its immediate surroundings. The aim was to learn about the people who live, visit and walk past the library space. To gain an understanding of how they use the library now and how they may use it in the future. Through personal experiences, this research is a look at how and why some of us develop an attachment to libraries but why some of us welcome recent changes.



My Independence

This project explores how the city space influences residents in Barcelona. The aim is to understand what elements of the everyday provoke discussion and how it shapes those in favour of an independent state and those who are not. Inspired by interviews with residents, photographs and audio collected from around the city. The result is a collection of prose and short stories.



TAC Zine

A newsletter to discuss, develop and share projects. It’s a platform for subscribers to challenge and showcase their art practice. And a space to check out other emerging works.